SimpleTaste Electric Milk Frother Coffee Frother

Model: 706NA-0001   |   Brand: SimpleTaste  
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  • Universal & Economical - Not only creates milk foam for coffees, cappuccinos, and macchiatos, but is also suitable for making hot and cold chocolate, flavored milks, matcha teas, mixed drinks, and even can whisk food products such as egg yolks and sauces.
  • High Quality & Stylish - This handheld electric milk frother has durable stainless steel whisk and lightweight plastic handle for comfortable operation .
  • Convenient - This professional electric foam maker powered by 2*AA batteries (included), so no annoying electric cord needed. Also space-saving with an included, delicate stand.
  • Easy To Use - Easy one-touch operation. Simply press and hold the On/Off button to start frothing/whisking and release it a few seconds later when finished.
  • Buyer Guarantee - Here at SimpleTaste, we stand by our products 100% with a 12-month warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. A happy purchasing experience is our #1 priority and we will happily send a product replacement if any issues arise.
What kind of convenience does simpletaste electric milk frother can bring to you? 

Forget visiting expensive cafes and spending money on overpriced drinks... 

SimpleTaste electric milk frother electric foam maker is the convenient home whisk to help you create these same drinks at home for a fraction of the cost. 

Easily create milk froth for use on hot and iced coffees, lattes, cappuccinos, and machiattos. 

Milk frother also helps make delicious hot chocolates, flavored milks, matcha teas, mixed drinks, and can even electronically whisk egg yolks and all your favorite sauces. 


Please refer to the instruction manual before using this appliance. 

Do not immerse the handle in water. Liquid should not penetrate the handle. 

Always use 1.5 V AA batteries (Mignon, LR6), and never use a new battery and an old battery together. 

Do not use any chemical, abrasive, or aggressive cleaning agents. These could damage the surface of the appliance. 

Only foodstuffs may be processed with this appliance. All other usages or modifications are regarded as contrary to the operating instructions and contain a great risk of accidents. 

Package Contents: 

1 x Milk Frother 

1 x Stand 

2 x AA Batteries 

1 x Instruction Manual

So far I like it very much.This is a very handy gadget for frothing milk or milk substitutes, and cleaning it only requires a quick rinse. It's a keeper.

Jenica C.

The SimpleTaste Electric milk frother is a winner. To enjoy coffee drinks at home, all you do is pop 2*AA batteries into the SimpleTaste and it whips up your cream into a thick groth in a snap. You won't regret purchasing this frother! I love it!

Hawk R.

It does the job. This frother does a surprisingly good job at a very inexpensive cost. We've even used it to make whipped cream in a pinch. Not sure how long it will hold up, but for us, it was a great buy.


This frother is just what I needed.Very powerful frother.Its power can be used to beat eggs and to churn buttermilk from yogurt & water as well.


The frother uses 2 double AA batteries and does a fine job !It actually really easy to use. Love it!


This is my new favorite kitchen gadget! I love cappuccinos but hate paying for overpriced coffee. This allows me to make my favorite kinds of drinks at home. Easy to use--just needs batteries. I would definitly recommend.