SimpleTaste Egg Cooker Egg Steamer Electric Poacher 7 Egg Capacity

Model: 711NA-0001   |   Brand: SimpleTaste  
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  • Easy to Use - Just add water with the included measuring cup, put eggs on the egg holder, plug in, and in just a few minutes, have beautifully cooked steam boiled eggs.
  • Safety Ensure - Auto-off functionality along with over-temperature & low water protection ensure safe use.
  • Multi-functional - Not only steam eggs to hard-boiled perfection, but use the included BPA-free bowl to poach your eggs and steam vegetables and other food items.
  • Easy to Clean - This appliance is very easy to disassemble and clean. Simply remove the egg holder and/or bowl and wash these parts with detergent and a sponge.temperature Fahrenheit or Celsius on the screen.
  • Buyer Guarantee - Here at SimpleTaste, we stand by our products 100% with a 12-month warranty and 30-day full refund. A happy purchasing experience is our #1 priority and we will happily send you a replacement if any issues arise.
With SimpleTaste Egg Cooker, make fresh and nutritious steam-boiled eggs in minutes, with no preparation or clean up required. Simply add water, put eggs on the convenient egg holder, and turn on. 

This appliance also features a novel appearance, smooth lines, an appealing shape, and an efficient, safe, fast, and time and power-saving heating plate to produce steam and make steam-boiled eggs just the way you want. 

Please read the instruction manual carefully and follow all safety instructions before use. 

Intended Use: 

This appliance is intended to be used in households and for similar applications such as: 

- staff kitchens in shops, offices, and other working environments; 

- by clients in hotels, motels, and other residential environments. 


Rinse all removable components thoroughly once unpackaged. 

Check whether the voltage indicated on the rating label is consistent with your outlet's voltage. Also ensure you are using a safe, grounded outlet. 

To avoid cracking of the egg shells during cooking, use the egg pin (located at the bottom of the measuring cup) and make several small holes on the bigger end of the eggs' outer shell. Finally, place the eggs small-end first into the egg holder. 

Immediately after cooking, putting the eggs into cold water may help to improve taste. 


1 x Egg Cooker 

1 x Bowl 

1 x Measuring Cup 

1 x Egg Holder 

1 x Instruction Manual


Absolutely love the egg cooker. Fast easy and the egss peel like magic.Egg cooks perfect every single time! I love it!


Love this egg cooker. We got one because my friend had one and liked it. We got two more for gifts. Make sure you place your eggs large side up and you will have no problems.Highly recommend!!!


My friend told me I needed to get one of these they're so easy to use so I got one it is easy to use and it makes great eggs it taste good this is a great item great transaction.Love it. The eggs always comes out nicely cook.


Never knew egg cookers existed!! This work incredibly well! I usually have a hard time boiling hard eggs. They would not be ready or over cooked. But with this egg cooker they get cooked perfectly! Very easy to use. I was able to fit 7 large eggs with no


Buy it buy it and please buy it. I got this for my friends. They mostly use it to make hard boiled eggs because it's so easy but I've tried the other functions and everything it does is really delicious and easy. It was a good purchase.


Great cooker!Put in the necessary amount of water, put in the eggs, put the cover on, and turn it on. I set a timer on my phone usually, but it's really not needed since the unit turns off by itself. Also, the eggs are SO easy to peel. I can peel the egg