SimpleTaste Milk Frother, One Touch Battery Powered Foam Maker

Model: 708NA-0001   |   Brand: SimpleTaste  
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  • High Capacity, High Efficiency - This citrus juicer has 20 fl oz large capacity juice collector that only draws 25 watts.
  • Easy-to-Use - Simply assemble and plug in. Juicer will automatically switch on just by pressing the halved fruit lightly onto the squeezing cone.
  • Fits Any Fruit Size - Comes with two sizes of interchangeable squeezing cones compatible with fruits as big as a grapefruit and as small as a tiny lemon.
  • Control the Pulp - The upper and lower fruit pulp filters allow you to control the fruit pulps in the juice. Juicer's cones rotate in both directions to help maximize juice and pulp extraction.
  • Easy Cleaning and Storage - Easy to disassemble and wash. Includes cable storage compartment and protection lid for convenient, space saving storage.
Product Description: 

SimpleTaste Citrus Juicer is the large capacity, easy-to-use juicer you've been looking for. Simple control of juice pulp level, simple switching of cones to better fit different fruit sizes, and simple cleaning and storage... Let SimpleTaste Citrus Juicer be your partner in making healthy, tasty citrus juices. 

Please Note: 

Refer to the instruction manual before use. This appliance is intended for the extraction of juices from citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, and lemons. Only foodstuffs may be processed with this appliance. All other usages or modifications are regarded as contrary to the official operating guidelines and contain risk of accident. Citrus Juicer is also not intended for commercial use. 

Technical Data: 

For US: 

Outlet Voltage: 120 V/60 Hz 

Rated output: 25 W 

For EU: 

Outlet voltage: 220-240 V/50 Hz 

Rated output: 25 W 


Citrus Juicer 

Large Squeezing Cone 

Small Squeezing Cone 

Fruit Pulp Filter (2 parts) 

Instruction Manual

Tips: Please do not press the cones too heavily, otherwise it probably won't rotate and make a strange noise

I'm enjoying this simple juicer!! It's so easy to use and extremely easy to clean. I've been squeezing bags of oranges and grapefruit.. it works wonders.


I was very surprised with the power.Easy to use. Makes great juice. I can finally enjoy fresh juices without all the pulp.Clean up is as easy and quick as you could expect with any juicer. Very good juicer.


I love this juicer! Easy to operate and clean and functions very well! I recommend this to anyone who wants to get into juicing!


I really like this jucier. It's electric and easy to use. I only need to gently press on the top and the jucier can easily provide me with the fresh squeezed juicy. I would recommend.


I've used this for three times so far and really love this little electric juicer. very easy to clean. I love it that I am getting much healthier orange juice at homemake. So happy with my purchase.