1byone Window Antenna 35 Miles Super Thin HDTV Antenna

Model: OUS00-0569   |   Brand: 1byone  
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  • Free for Life - Never pay hugely expensive cable or satellite fees again! The 1byone Super Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna can pull in all of your local news, sitcom, kids and sports programs in full HD.
  • Clear Design - 1byone Clear Series Antennas are specially designed to match your windows’ transparency. With its crystal-clear look and handsome contours, its appearance is more art than antenna.
  • Full HD - 35-mile range allows access to far away broadcast towers, delivering full 1080p HD to any digital-ready TV.
  • Longer Cable, Easier Setup - Our included 20-foot coaxial cable makes it easy for you to place the antenna in the area with the best reception in your house, and is especially useful for customers whose TV's are not near windows.
  • Buyer Guarantee - We stand behind our products 100% with a 12-month warranty. Please note that over-the-air reception is dependent upon environmental factors and we cannot guarantee reception in all conditions. We do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders to allow you to test the antenna’s suitability in your area. Please refer the User Manual before use.
1byone Super Thin TV Antenna 

1. Receives free High Definition TV broadcast signals (such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, The CW, and PBS). Supports 1080p HD. 

2. Can be easily hidden from view behind a picture, bookshelf or television. 

3. Fast setup in 3 easy steps – Unwrap, Plug in, and Scan channels. 

4. Easy to place high on a window or wall or flat on a table for great reception to watch crystal clear HD shows! You may also use the 1byone TV antenna stand for tabletop placement. 

5. If your location's HD digital over-the-air signal is very weak or you are located very far from a broadcast tower, consider purchasing our 1byone High Gain TV Antenna Amplifier. 

i live in rural New Hampshire about 25 miles north of boston. When i first got this, i did as suggested and tried without the amplifier. i got just 6 channels. Added amplifier and it went up to about 20


This is my first try to get an 1byone antenna. Now i dont need to pay high tv bills. Its very easy to use. You dont need to hang on your walls if you dont want. i just sit it on my tv station. We can watched most popular chanels for free.


Easy to install. Priced right. Live in a small town so limited amount of channels but great reception.


hooked 1byone antenna up for a friend and they love it. pulls in more stations than my large digital antena. easy to install.

Liz Abitante

Very easy to set up , and I'm amazed by it. I got 30 some channels. The images were very clear and the price is reasonable.


This is the second 1byone antenna I've purchased and I'll be buying a third so all three tv's will be equipped with them. I'd recommend this antenna to others who want to cut the cable and save money.


Great indoor HD Antenna, I have tried others none of them work, the picture is crystal clear. I am getting 48 channels. You will not be disappointed with this antenna. It was also very easy to set up.

XiaoLin Jin

This 1byone HDTV antenna replaced one I had on my roof for 20 years and fell off roof. Works better than the one on the roof did.