SimpleTaste Hand-Crank Coffee Grinder with Adjustable Coarseness Screw

Model: 710NA-0004   |   Brand: SimpleTaste  
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  • Operate by hand-Enjoy the fun of manual coffee grinder and the strength of grinding is controlled by yourself.
  • Adjustable Coarseness Screw-Use the screw under the grinder base to control the fineness of your coffee grinding. Rotate clockwise for finer grinding while rotate counter-clockwise for coarse grinding.
  • Small and portable-Perfect for home, office,travel, etc. Take it everywhere you go.
  • See-through Container- Easily see the coffee you have ground with the high-quality glass container. And it is convenient for storage.
  • Disassembling Design, Easy Cleaning-This manual coffee grinder can be detachable. It could keep the coffee grinder in clean and tidy. Not easy to cause bacterium.
SimpleTaste coffee grinder is a hand crank operated coffee burr grinder. You could enjoy the the fun of manual coffee grinder. It gives you happiness when the coffee beans are ground from coarseness to fineness. Long crank handle design for smooth and easy grinding. And the strength of grinding is totally controlled by yourself. 

This manual coffee grinder has adjustable grinding function. Rotate clockwise for finer grinding while rotate counter-clockwise for coarse grinding. Its burr is made by durable ceramic. Compared with a metal burr, ceramic burr would not generate heat when grinding the coffee beans,and it could keep your coffee tasting fresh and natural. 

This coffee grinder has a transparent container. It is easy for you to see the coffee you have ground with the high-quality glass container. The small container play an important part in storage. It could help you store ingredients if there are too many ingredients. 

SimpleTaste coffee grinder has various applications. It is not only used for grinding the coffee beans, but also could be used for grinding peanuts, sesame, mungbeans, peppers, etc. 

The SimpleTaste coffee bean grinder is small and portable. You could take it wherever you go, it is perfect for home, office, travel and so on. 

This coffee grinder is detachable, which is convenient for cleaning. Disassembling Design could keep the coffee grinder in clean and tidy. And it is not easy to cause bacterium. 

What makes SimpleTaste Coffee Grinder different from other grinders? 

Our SimpleTaste natural coffee grinder may take a little longer to grind than comparable electrical ones, but as any coffee connoisseur knows, a perfect tasting cup is worth the time. 

Our hand-crank has been designed to give effective leverage and save labor and time, and our ceramic burr, unlike the metals of other grinders, will never rust, preserving the natural flavors of the bean for years to come. Adjustable screw control also allows you to control the fineness of the bean's grind. So turn on a tune, relax, and in just a few minutes have naturally ground coffee beans that are flavorful and healthy for your whole family. 

Product Notes: 

Remove the hand crank when not in use. 

Never fully tighten the grinding screw.

This is the first coffee grinder that I have ever had. The product seems to be made quality materials. It is easy to use and clean!

F. Moylan

This is a very good, small coffee grinder. The design is very nice and it takes up little space on my counter. Good price and value I think.


This is a great coffee grinder. The grind is very even. The grinder is well made. The mechanism is simple and works well. I am very satisfied.


Works very well might be a little slow but it grinds perfect French press coffee for me every time. And if you have great beans you will have great coffee.It is perfect if you love coffee!


This grinder is an excellent machine. It's easy to operate, easy to put together and easy to adjust for different grades of grind. I have been using it for about two weeks. Works great!


most excellent....some really great coffee ! And sure grinds fine for my new expresso coffee maker. simple to set up and easy to use! will purchase again!