1byone 60 Miles Omni-directional Amplified HDTV Antenna with Smart Box

Model: 200NA-0008   |   Brand: 1byone  
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  • Free For Life - Never pay expensive cable or satellite fees again! The 1byone Unique Smart Amplified HDTV Antenna can pull in all of your local news, sitcom, kids, and sports programs in full HD
  • The World’s First Antenna with Smart Box - The integrated inline amplified Smart Box enables you receive channels from any towers within 60 miles, no matter how close or far the tower is. Easiest setup and better reception for any location
  • Full HDTV and VHF/UHF/FM Receiving- 60-mile range amplified tv antenna allows access to far away broadcast towers, delivering full 1080p HD to any digital-ready TV. VHF: 47-230MHz;UHF: 470-700MHz
  • Elegant Circular Hollow Design- Circular antenna can receive Omni-directional tv signal; you can hung antenna on the back of TV or from any hook by the hollow design; or stand it on table by included Antenna-Stand, or stick on wall or window by 3M stickers
  • Longer Cable, Easier Setup - Our included 10ft, 2.5C-2V, shield braiding 96 high performance coaxial cable reduces signal loss and makes it easy for you to place the digital antenna in the area with the best reception.

The World’s First Antenna with Smart Box By 1byone

What makes you hesitant when choosing an antenna?
—Are you worried signal pickup won't be strong or reliable enough?
—Are you concerned your local towers’ locations vary too drastically?
—Are you aware a problem such as self-oscillation can cause interruption to amplified antennas?

Now with 1byone Creative Smart Box Antenna, never worry about these problems again. Our Smart Box provides you 3 options to test and select the best signal receiving location for your TVs, no matter how close or far the tower is!

Amplified HDTV Antenna Specification:
Frequency Range: 47-230MHz; 470-700MHz
Receiving Range: FM/VHF/UHF
Antenna Gain: Max.35dB
Impedance: 75Ω
Noise figure: ≤2dB
Output Level:100dBμV
Power Supply: Via USB Adapter (5V/200mA)

Troubleshooting Steps:
1. If you are using a flat screen HDTV, please check your TV's manual to make sure your TV has a built-in tuner for receiving over-the-air broadcasts;check to make sure you have correctly connected the antenna to your HDTV or third-party HD receiver;
2. Re-Scan for Channels. In the TV’s setup menu, set the mode to Antenna or Air. Refer to the TV manual for detailed instructions;
3. Make sure your tuner can receive HD signals, otherwise you won't be able to receive and watch HD channels;
4. Signal quality determines picture quality and how many channels you can receive. Once you receive the antenna, hook it up to your TV, and try moving it around your home to find the best signal location. Facing the direction of the broadcast tower is usually the best,then you will be surprised for so many HD channels received!

Package Includes:
1x Antenna with Smart Box and 10ft Coaxial Cable;
1x 5ft USB Power Cable;
1x Optional USB Adapter 5V 200mA;
2x 3M Adhesive Mounting Stickers;
1x Antenna Stand;
1x Instructional Manual


Works really good in our area. I have an antenna in every room and this one is the best so far. I like the design as I can stick a 3M hook on the wall next to the window, behind a curtain and hang it up without it being unsightly.

Brian Collins

This awesome antenna works as advertised. I didn't see much difference between the 3 modes (added/missing channels), but the amplifier brought in previously unavailable channels from another non-amplified antenna.

Allen Schwab

This is one of the best coaxial cables out there! It has gold plated ends for really strong connections, it screws into the back of TVs, Receivers, and anything you throw at it, effortlessly. The cable is really thick and has a sturdy build quality. I rea

Robert M.

This is the best antenna I have ever purchased. It picks up more channels than any of the previous antennas and I am an unbiased reviewer.

Everett Garwood

This antenna performs very well. I tried many different antennas to see which one had the most channels and best performance. This antenna works as well as other expensive antennas.

David Ben

Just what I needed and shipped in a very speedy manner.


Nicely packaged. Worked well with son's work on moving our router. No problems. He feels it's quality product.


It's easy to install, 3 steps only. Firstly the signal quality is not good enouht, we tried different places in my home and finally find the best place for signal.