1byone Belt-Drive 3-Speed Stereo Turntable, MP3 Recording, USB MP3 Playback

Model: 471NA-0003   |   Brand: 1byone  
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  • Great Styling - Beautiful wooden appearance, protective dust cover, and convenient front panel with playback controls.
  • Vinyl-to-MP3 Recording - Transform audio from vinyl records into MP3 format files for later playback on your computer and mobile devices.
  • Selectable Speeds - 33 / 45 / 78 RPM speed settings with included 45-RPM adaptor so you can play every vinyl in your collection.
  • Front-facing Stereo Speakers - Full-spectrum sound to properly listen to both your vinyl records and MP3s using a USB key.
  • RCA Output - Easily connect your turntable to your own home sound system.
Form and Function 
A beautiful wooden finish and protective dust cover merge with a front panel that both harkens back to more vintage players and also provides users with convenient, easy-to-use controls. 

A Great Record Player 
Selectable RPM speeds (33 / 45 / 78) and included 45-RPM adapter let you play all the vinyl records in your collection. Our Auto Stop function will automatically stop the record when the side is finished playing, meaning you no longer have to worry about being distracted and forgetting to manually stop the record. 

Vinyl to MP3 Recording 
This feature allows vinyl to be recorded and stored as MP3 files. Simply place a favorite vinyl record on the turntable, insert a USB key, press record, and enjoy your vinyl music anywhere, anytime. Remember to use a USB no more than 32GB. 

Front-Facing Full-Stereo Speakers 
Two 1.5-watt speakers have been tuned for excellent sound balance, and allow those without a stand-alone speaker system a turntable with a great built-in alternative. This turntable can also play MP3s using a USB key. For users with a great sound system at home, this turntable can be connected using the integrated RCA jacks. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed 
Here at 1byone, we stand by our products 100%. This turnable comes with a 12-month guarantee. If any issues arise, we will happily send a replacement on us. Satisfaction is our number one priority, at 1byone. 

Please note
In consideration of this turntable's complex manufacturing process, power to the built-in speaker has been limited to maintain the speaker's high-quality sound. Therefore, we suggest use of an external speaker for those wanting a better audio experience.

This product is just as advertised. It is a great starting point for someone wanting to get into listening to records. Highly recommend.


This product is well designed and crafted. Excellent quality and very functional. I am excited to start preserving my vinyl records and having a great piece of equipment to play my records.


Every friend who visited my home would praise this turntable! This is not only a good decoration of your living room but also a good speaker. It can be connected to USB, so you do not have to buy records.


This record player is amazing and just so much fun, a hobby that has been treasured by so many others, You can truly appreciate the sound of music listing with something as genuine as this record player!


Loved it..... I am writing this review after using it for about almost a month now. The speakers are good so also is the overall quality. An ideal thoughtful gift for a music lover.