Beautural Vanity Mirror Makeup 10X Magnifying Lighted Mirriors

Model: 718NA-0001   |   Brand: 1byone  
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  • 10x Magnification - Ideal for applying make-up and other beauty treatments that require more precision extra precision, such as applying contact lenses and eyebrow tweezing
  • Circular LED Light-Natural white light helps reflect true colors and the light source surrounding the mirror does not cast any shadows.
  • Adjustable Angles-The 360 swivel joint allows easy movement of the mirrors face for great viewing at any angle.
  • Portable and Compact-Perfect for any bedroom, bathroom, dorm room or while traveling. Powered by 3 x AAA batteries (not included).
  • Integrated Suction Cup-Securely mount the mirror anywhere will a smooth, flat, clean surface, such as on a table, wall, window, and even a larger mirror.
Beautural 10x Magnifying Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror 
Struggling to see the details when doing makeup or grooming? Beautural Magnifying Vanity Mirror offers 10x magnification and a surrounding LED for much clearer vision and makeup application both at home and while traveling. 

Beautural Magnifying Makeup Mirror Features: 

10x Strong Magnification & Natural White Light 

10 times magnification is ideal for very detailed jobs such as eyebrow tweezing and contact lens placement. Magnification can also help one closely examine pores to help protect against blackheads. 

The bright natural LED is easy on the eyes and provides a soft, white light to highlight every detail of your hair and makeup. The light's shape eliminates shadows and allows the mirror to be used even in very dark environments. 

Easily Mountable 

Place the mirror on a vanity table, or mount it to a wall/window/mirror surface which is flat, clean, dry, smooth and free of grease (NOTE the mirror will not stick to surfaces such as drywall, wallpapers, stucco, or textured walls). 
The integrated suction cup has a locking mechanism to securely mount the mirror. Simply place the mirror and rotate the base in a clockwise direction to lock it to the surface. Rotate it in the other direction to release the mirror. 

Portable & Compact 

A slim frame jointed with a small base, this mirror takes up little space and is ideal for placing on any size of vanity table. 

Take this battery-powered mirror with you while traveling and never worry again about your hotel not having proper vanity mirrors. Powered by 3 x AAA batteries (not included). 

Made with plastic led and magnify 10x on the mirror. Very easy to carry and you can hang this on wall or mirror. My girlfriend loves this so much.

Ema Andy

Very work well 10x magnifying mirror,really help to makeup and take a look on face, can see it very carefully and make it more convenient.


That is exactly what I needed!10x mirros with LEd light, it very bright and great size .i love this mirros,now I can see more clearly when I make up!


The mirror is very pretty and what I expected , also works fine , Great value with the LED lights included, easy to find the blackhead ! Highly suggest this product.