1byone Dehumidifier Mini Safe Electric Quiet Small Dehumidifiers

Model: 705US-0001   |   Brand: 1byone  
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  • One Button Control and Auto-off Function—Simple to use, just press the ON button and it starts to work. Automatically shuts off and indicator lights up once it reached the maximum capacity.
  • Quiet Operation-Use the Peltier effect to condense and remove moisture, without a compressor or moving parts, make no noise or obvious vibration.
  • Removable Water Tank-With a transparent and detachable water tank, more convenient to observe the water level and pour water.
  • Lightweight and Portable-Size: 6.6 x 4.9 x 8.5inches, Weigh: 2.16lb, easy to carry from room to room, you can move it wherever you'll need it for the day.
  • Multifunctional dehumidifier-Reduce bacteria breeding, keep your room's air fresh and dry, and prevent musty-smelling clothes by simply lowering the environment's humidity level.
The 1byone Thermo-electric Dehumidifier helps to keep your home comfortable and mildew-free. This system effectively helps to eliminate moisture and fungus to make you breathe healthy and fresh air. 

Peltier Technology 
Different from the compressor-based dehumidifiers, this dehumidifier uses quiet Peltier technology. But, quiet operation is just one of the benefits of this technology. Moreover, it does not need any moving parts to function, which results in its low weight and small size. 

Real 400ml removable water tank 

Compared with most so-called 500ml ones who actually stop automatically at 350ml, the water tank capacity of this dehumidifier is actually 400ml, that is, it really stop working automatically when the water capacity reaches 400ml. 

Where to use? 

This dehumidifier is suitable for bathrooms and small to mid-sized rooms up to 883 cubic feet / 25m(100 sq.ft) where humidity and dampness is a problem. Its small size makes it easily fit on your desk, workbench, kitchen, bathroom or storeroom. Do not operate the appliance outdoors. 

How to use? 

Auto-off indicator along with the removable water tank makes this dehumidifier very easy to use. Just switch it on to start it and switch it to off to shut it down . The removable water tank/water-collection reservoir is easy to take out and insert. 

Package content: 


Power adapter 

Operating manual 


Input: 9V-2500mA 

Weight: 980 g / 2.16lb 

Dimensions: 6.65*4.92*8.46 in 

Operating temperature: 10 - 35C / 50-95 F 

Works great!! Whisper quiet operation! Really sucks the moisture out of the air in my bedroom! Live in central Illinois with high humidity, bed sheets would feel wet at night, not anymore!

Lina Yang

Very happy with this product. I use it in my small bathroom that does not have an outside vent. it fills about every three days. I can tell a difference in mildew smell already.


The bathroom is always damp . I leave this dehumidifier in there. And it works great. It pulling the moist out. The machine is quiet . When the water level is reached, it stop automatically .


This little dehumidifier is very powerful. Easy quick set up and starts working right away. Perfect for small spaces. I live in an apartment and dont have space for the huge ones so this is wonderful.