1byone LED Gloves Finger Lights Flashing Gloves 5 Color 6 Modes Rave Gloves

Model: 4-301OO004   |   Brand: 1byone  
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  • PARTY STAR - Perfect for clubbing, dancing, Rave, Birthday, EDM, Disco, Halloween or Dubstep Party. Show off your personality and activate the atmosphere.
  • WONDERFUL LIGHTS CHANGE-The LED finger light has 3 colors: red, green and blue. Lighting gloves have 6 flashing modes: 3 color strobe, 3 color morphing, 3 color steady, red strobe, blue strobe, green strobe. Press on/off button on the battery pack to change light modes.
  • BATTERY LIFE SAVER-There is an insulated pull tab on the battery pack in each glove. Remove it from battery before use. When you don't use them, plug the insulated pull tab to avoid accidental switch-on.
  • READY TO USE-Each glove is equipped with 2 batteries CR2016 which are easily replaceable. They come ready to give you wonderful flashing gloves.Battery continual use time: 12h.
  • ONE FOR ALL-Our raver gloves are stretchy so will fit most average sized hands. The wrist features an elastic band, no problem for children to wear them although it's a little large. Children still have fun with them. It's more suitable for ages 8+.
1byone LED Gloves Best Gift Perfect for Parties, Concerts, Clubs, Festivals 

Happy Hour 
Enjoy yourself in parties, clubs, lightshows, concerts, festivals. Perfect gifts for all ages, from children to the elderly adult. Changable Light Up Shows Halloween Costume, Novelty Halloween Christmas Gift, Trendy dance gloves for stage show. 
LED Gloves are funny and look incredible in the dark! Real eye catching appeal! A great conversation starter at your fingers. Fabulous gloves for all happy hour. 

6 Flashing Modes 

6 flashing modes: 5 color strobe, 5 color morphing, 5 color steady, orange red strobe, blue white strobe, green strobe. 

Our gloves may help you live brighter! You can cycles through 6 light modes by a button on the wrist. 

Insulated Pull Tab 

The battery pack comes with the batteries already installed with a pull tab to ensure that they are not wasted prior to you getting the product.Remove from battery pack and press the on/off button to light up gloves. 

Ready For Use 

There are two cell batteries per glove so 4 for the pair of CR2016. Ready to use straight out of the package. The battery and on-off switch is inside a little pouch on the gloves, which is kept closed with velcro. After the battery died, you could replace with two CR2016 batteries. 

One Fits Most 

Our gloves are stretchy so will fit most average sized hands.
Sibyl Toby

These gloves are ideal for a fun concerts, parties,Halloween,christmas and other festivals. They are a great buy. The gloves light up and when you press the button on each hand the lights change to do several different variation with the lights and the co


I felt very happy to get this with this price. It may be uncomfortable on larger hands due to the leds in the fingers. Can't wait to see my kids go nuts over these!Fun and Perfect for kids and Adults!

Grover Jefferson

They showed up early, both work, and they fit my tiny hands perfectly! I hope they last a while, but straight out of the box I am very pleased!

Deborah Dewey

The lights are bright and nicely coloured and there is different settings for flashing or individual coloured lights.These gloves came at a perfect time.Excellent and very unusual and stand out.

Mabel Coverdale

They are pretty cool, lots of different light settings. As gloves they also do a very good job. Warm, comfortable and nice to wear. The lights really are very bright and colourful.

Hyman Eden

These are awesome! The colors are bright and I like that there are different options, from quick flashing to a slow color change. I use them for music festival and they look amazing.