1byone LED Scarf Light Up Scarf Glowing Scarf Multi-color Soft White Scarf 6 Flashing Modes

Model: 4-302OO001   |   Brand: 1byone  
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  • PARTY STAR - Perfect for clubbing, dancing, Rave, Birthday, EDM, Disco, Halloween, Christmas or Dubstep Party. Show off your personality and activate the atmosphere.
  • WONDERFUL LIGHTS CHANGE-The LED light has three colors: red, green and blue. Each glove has 6 flashing modes: 3 color strobe, 3 color morphing, 3 color steady, red strobe, blue strobe, green strobe. Press on/off button on the battery pack to change light modes.
  • BATTERY LIFE SAVER-There is an insulated pull tab on the battery pack in the scarf. Remove it from battery before use. When you don't use them, plug the insulated pull tab to avoid accidental switch-on.
  • READY TO USE-The scarf is equipped with two CR2016 batteries which are easily replaceable. They come ready to give you wonderful flashing scarf. Battery continual use time: 8h.
  • COMFORTABLE-The scarf is made of chrysanthemum velvet, so it is soft and pretty comfortable to wear. It may be the good protector of your neck in the winter as they are soft and warm.
1byone LED Scarf Best Gift Perfect for Parties, Concerts, Clubs, Festivals. 

Happy Hour 
Enjoy yourself in parties, clubs, lightshows, concerts, festivals. Perfect gifts for all ages, from children to the elderly. Changable Light Up Shows Halloween Costume, Novelty Christmas Gift, Trendy dancing scarf for stage show. 
LED Scarf is funny and looks incredible in the dark! Real eye catching appeal! A great conversation starter at your scarf. Fabulous scarf for all happy hour. 

6 Flashing Modes 

6 flashing modes: 3 color strobe, 3 color morphing, 3 color steady, red strobe, blue strobe, green strobe. 

Our scarf may help you live brighter! You can cycles through 6 light modes by a button on the wrist. 

Insulated Pull Tab 

The battery pack comes with the batteries already installed with a pull tab to ensure that they are not wasted prior to you getting the product.Remove from battery pack and press the on/off buttuon to light up scarf. 

Ready For Use 

There are two cell CR2016 batteries in the scarf. Ready to use straight out of the package. The battery and on-off switch is inside a little pouch, which is kept closed with velcro. Battery continual use time: 8h. After the battery died, you could replace with two CR2016 batteries. 

Package included 

1x 1byone LED Scarf 
Colin Lindsay

Very fun scarf. I bought it for a gift. Not flashing, it looks rather cheap but once those light get going, its really cool. There are also a lot of options for color variations.

Jodie Gabriel

Great item quick delivery will be buying from seller again. My son absolutely loved it and it has 6 different settings.I tried it in the evening it actually looked pretty good.

Henry Francis

The LED scarf are also warm but breathable. Beautiful, affordable, great packaging. Kids love it so much and argue to wear it.


Cheap and fast delivery. When I got the item I was delighted because I found that there are 6 different flashing modes. The kids love it very much!

Hazel Rhodes

I love how you can control light colors and whether or not they flash or just stay lit. Overall I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for lights for decoration.


I just received this led scarf. I love it !!!!!! If you love lights and looking at led lights this is a must have. It has 6 settings: 3 colors strobe, 3 colors morphing, 3 colors steady, red strobe, blue strobe, green strobe. They are perfect!