1byone LED Hat LED Light Up Hat LED Cap 3 Modes

Model: 4-303OO001   |   Brand: 1byone  
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  • PARTY STAR - Perfect for clubbing, dancing, Rave, Birthday, EDM, Disco, Halloween, Christmas or Dubstep Party. Show off your personality and activate the atmosphere.
  • WONDERFUL LIGHTS CHANGE-The LED light has three colors: red, green and blue. Each glove has 3 flashing modes: 3 color strobe, 3 color morphing, 3 color slow porphing. Press on/off button on the battery pack to change light modes.
  • BATTERY LIFE SAVER-There is an insulated pull tab on the battery pack in the scarf. Remove it from battery before use. When you don't use them, plug the insulated pull tab to avoid accidental switch-on.
  • READY TO USE-The scarf is equipped with two CR2016 batteries which are easily replaceable. They come ready to give you wonderful flashing hat. Battery continual use time: 10h.
  • ONE FOR ALL-Our hat is stretchy so will fit most average sized heads. Children still have fun with them. It's more suitable for ages 8+.
1byone LED Hat Best Gift Perfect for Parties, Concerts, Clubs, Festivals. 

Happy Hour 
Enjoy yourself in parties, clubs, lightshows, concerts, festivals. Perfect gifts for all ages, from children to the elderly. Changable Light Up Shows Halloween Costume, Novelty Christmas Gift, Trendy dancing scarf for stage show. 
LED Hat is funny and looks incredible in the dark! Real eye catching appeal! A great conversation starter at your scarf. Fabulous hat for all happy hour. 

3 Flashing Modes 

3 flashing modes: 3 color strobe, 3 color morphing, 3 color slow morphing. 

Our hat may help you live brighter! You can cycles through 3 light modes by a button. 

Insulated Pull Tab 

The battery pack comes with the batteries already installed with a pull tab to ensure that they are not wasted prior to you getting the product.Remove from battery pack and press the on/off button to light up hat. 

Ready For Use 

There are two cell CR2016 batteries in the scarf. Ready to use straight out of the package. The battery and on-off switch is inside a little pouch. Battery continual use time: 10h. After the battery died, you could replace with two CR2016 batteries. 

Package included 

1x 1byone LED Hat
David Z

There are 6 light functions on the flashing hat. Simply put, it is so entertaining and funny. I like it so much. We love it and everyone wanted to know where we got it!

Amelia Zechariah

As hat it also does a very good job. Warm, comfortable and nice to wear. There're several modes which the on button cycles through and they vary the speed and colour selection with all on, colour cycling, all strobing, etc.


They have different modes. They come ready to use, the batteries are already installed. Good job!!!


I bought this as gift for my cousin, he likes this sooo much. They flash really well and have lasted well so far, I'm hoping the battery can be replaced when it eventually runs out.

Isidore Rudolph

I love this hat because it has personality. Those lights are very good for kids. Kids would feel special, when they are wearing this hat. The hat by itself is good, it is nice looking and warm. The functionality is also good.